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What do you expect? Einstein? Freud? Buddha? Sorry...I'm just a guy.

It's good to be a myth.

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What can I say? It's good to be a myth...even now.

FPK Only:

Methos is a 5000 year old Immortal from Highlander. He was born in Ancient Egypt around 3000 B.C. and has been many things in his life--he rode among the Four Horsemen as Death and with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as their cook, was a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an Indian chief, student, a soldier, a Pharaoh, a slave--he's got the papers to prove them all.

He met his first death when he was 28 in a sandstorm with his family when they were trying to reach an oasis. A Bedouin tribe took him in and he stayed with them until it became apparent he wasn't aging. He wandered for nearly six hundred years before he really learned about Immortals and what he was, from an Immortal named Menahem. He took his first head shortly after that in a battle against an Immortal named Joseph. While he lived in Egypt another Immortal was Pharaoh and became Methos' mentor, but when Methos found out that he'd had his wife killed because she was a nomad he buried him alive, then took over as Pharaoh of Egypt.

Methos has been married 68 times, and claims to have known Helen of Troy, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Socrates and Jesus. He had a close relationship with the poet Byron and was very fond of Mary Shelley.

Physical Description: Methos is tall and lanky, with black hair and hazel eyes. He tends to look amused more often than not.

For purposes of general RP, and for he is set post-TV series, by about 10 years, but well before The Source, which was futuristic in some undisclosed year, anyway. (He does not wear fringe) He's currently living in New York City, attending Mt. Sinai Medical School studying genetic research and manipulation. With the advent of more and more openly "different" humans, he is curious. Although in the world of Convergence, Immortals wouldn't be that strange, he still keeps his head low, blending in, and being just a guy.

For purposes of hearts_andminds he is entering the village immediately post TV-series, before Endgame.

Disclaimer: Methos is from the TV series Highlander and the associated books, movies, and other spin-offs. He is the property of Rysher Entertainment and Davis-Panzer and a lot of other people not me. This journal is solely for RP and fanfic and entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.

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alexa bond, avoiding kronos, beer, being just a guy, blending in, bronze age, byron, caspian, cassandra, connor macleod, death, duncan macleod, holy ground, ivanhoe, joe dawson, keeping my head, kronos, lack of guilt, leather, losing conscience, methos, no regrets, not fringe, sex, silas, snark, sparring, watchers, whips
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